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Positive Inventions is an interface between the Inventor and the Market place.  Awarded a GB Patent (GB2286560 (A) in 1994 for the Binder Support Bracket (Supa Binda), a device for keeping ring binders and lever arch file upright and prevents them from toppling over. Today, Positive Inventions have ten GB Patent Pending applications and over thirty other products in the research and development phase. 

The team at Positive Inventions includes Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright experts, Financial Advisors, Business Development and Exit Planning expert, Project Managers, Web Developers and Graphic Designers. Founded over 25 years ago, Positive Inventions has successfully guided other inventors in securing patents. 

Positive Inventions are now seeking inventors to list their ideas on this website so that prospective Investors, Venture Capitalists, Joint Venturers, Manufacturers, Promoters, Wholesalers and Retailers can access your idea and deliver it to the customer.



So if you have an idea and wish to list it here then please do contact Positive Inventions and see how we can assist you.

07939 500 414

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