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As creative inventors and project managers, Positive Inventions create and deliver inventions that provided a positive outlook on life.  Currently, the inventions portfolio includes inventions across a wide range of disciplines. and many ideas are in the research phase, some being finalised for marketing.  Positive Inventions is always looking to collaborate with other like minded people with an interest in bringing inventions and ideas into the market place and make our world a better place to live in.

The team is headed up by Karpal Chana, having enjoyed a 33 year career with the Ministry of Defence specialising in digital mapping.  Between 2004 and 2008, he chaired the NATO Committee on Standards for Digital Mapping.  He was appointed Head of Copyright and Release in 2008 and was responsible for addressing Copyright matters and Intellectual Property Rights for the Ministry of Defence. 

Karpal was granted a GB Patent (GB2286560 (A) for the Binder Support Bracket in 1994, a device for keeping ring binders and lever arch files upright, thus preventing them from toppling over.  In June 2000, 10 Patent Applications were filed for a wide range of ideas and these are now being prepared for the market place. 

Neil Budgen is the project adviser and a third generation precision engineer, and he likes nothing better than someone saying "this can't be done" and is the Managing Director of, specialising in working directly with the owners of small and micro businesses and assisting those companies with exit and succession planning.  Neil also has a wealth of experience in fabrication and prototyping.






Positive Inventions aim to deliver into the market place, ideas and inventions that make a lifestyle improvement for individuals and businesses.  The purpose is not for a "Get Rich" scheme or for self gratification, but for humanitarian and philanthropic reasons.  People with disabilities will also benefit from ideas and inventions as due consideration has been devoted to ensure key benefits are received by all.






Great care has been taken when developing the ideas as current and future technologies have to be considered and therefore much research is necessary.  The Internet is a wealth of excellent information, however there is also a dearth of miss-information; therefore, Positive Inventions takes every care to ensure that the product being developed are unique and safe.






As the ideas and inventions being developed by Positive Inventions, cross a multitude of disciplines, there will be something for everyone, from an individual to a multinational conglomerate.  By the very nature of the ideas and inventions of Positive Inventions, in many instances, there are currently no known alternatives.  In some cases the ideas are completely unique, may have a novelty feature, and some will be on a grand scale.







For commercial exploitation, it is deemed necessary to build a team of SMEs and specialists that can offer key skills and experience to enable the proper commercialisation of products.  As Positive Inventions offer a wide range of product ideas, the premise being, to bring together a number of existing methods, processes, and technologies and deliver products into the market place that will have a wow factor.




So if you have an idea and wish to list it here then please do contact Positive Inventions and see how we can assist you.

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