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Looking for a unique idea, then look no further.  Listed below are just a few of the ideas currently available for sale, marketing or joint venture.  Please contact Positive Inventions if are an investor, manufacturer or distributor and would like further information on any of the ideas listed below.  Please note you may be asked to sign an Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any information is released.

If you are a sole innovator and have an idea and you wish to list it here, then please do not hesitate contact Positive Inventions and see how we can assist you.

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Paper Clip Hook

Registered Design Number: 6004337

Binder Support Bracket  

A Simple Solution to File Storage. The Supa Binda is a support bracket for keeping ring binders and lever arch files upright on any bookshelf.  For the first time, the storage of ring binders and lever arch files can be a trouble free experience.

Single Use Hypodermic Syringe for medical or non-medical use.  Allows injection of drugs and other fluids once and once only.  The needle once attached can not be removed unless it is broken off rendering the syringe useless. 


The Tyre Tread Wear Indicator is a visual indicator to warn a vehicle owner and vehicle maintenance engineers that a tyre is not roadworthy and must be replaced. 

Colour coded indicator will indicate the remaining life expectancy of a tyre under normal driving conditions.

Safe Effective Eyes warns vehicle drivers that there are other vehicles on the road, up to a 500 meters away on a road that is badly lit at night.

Safe Coatings Removal

A coatings remover designed to be kind, based on biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, offering safe removal of painted and textured coatings.

High Lift Fixture

Installation of fixtures at a high level and otherwise inaccessible position on the wall surfaces of buildings by a new unique method.  Display signs, floodlights, alarm bells and beacons.  Secure fixture for virtually anything.

The No-Nonsense Captive Radiator Bleed Valve


The no-nonsense captive bleed valve has been developed to overcome  and or reduce the possibility of any damage occurring accidentally while bleeding radiators, convectors or under floor heating coils.  The bleed valve is fully captive.

Easy Fence is a modular fencing system made from durable PVCu material giving years of maintenance free use. Lengths are cut to side and fixed to fence cross rails. To finish off, moulded fence decorations can be added to give a unique fence display.

The King Saver Repair Kit for that emergency when a hole appears in a pair of tights or stockings. Just peel the backing paper off a King Saver Patch and apply over the hole or ladder. The King Saver immediately stops the hole getting worse and covers the hole making it almost invisible. No need to throw away otherwise good tights or stockings.

The all in one lipstick contains your favourite lipstick colour, matching nail varnish and perfume.  Saves that valuable space in your designer clutch bag and never worry about that chipped nail varnish when out partying.

In a rush, not enough room in your handbag for a hair brush and a can of hair spray. Then why not use Brush 'n' Spray.  This is a hair brush with a miniature can of hair spray concealed in its handle.  Just insert another can of hair spray when the old one has finished. Just imagine the room you will save in your handbag.

A bicycle dynamo generator used to power cycle drive motors and lamps via a re-chargeable battery unit, enabling the lamps to stay on even when the bicycle is stationery.

A standard 'Bench Hook' is a gadget used as a support aid when sawing.  A standard 'Mitre Block’ is a gadget used as an angle cutting aid when sawing.  The Invention, Mitre Hook , combines the benefits of the above two gadgets to make a very portable & versatile saw cutting aid, made from recycled plastic.

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